Embracing Agni Vidya


The fire of transformation


SO YOGA is going through transformation!


Our space as many of you knew it, is no longer.

The container in which I serve is being reshaped.


I have been working very hard at planning the future of our Sangha (community).


So much has happened in so little time and so fast. I have been reminded on many occasions, that we are part of an ever changing universe in so many ways, particularly during the last leg of 2016.


Most of you are well aware of the informed decisions I took regarding our space.


I initially decided to wait for the 40 days of recommended “airing of the space” based on the “green” companies protocol to re-enter (the space) in January.


During this time of break and lots of silence, my thirst for personal practice increased significantly. My quest for truthfulness is taking me to an extended journey to India, embarking on a path of self-betterment.


My Return in early spring is anticipated to serve you all when I am refreshed and rejuvenated, coming back from India. It is yet to be shaped.


In so little time, so much has happened…

And much greater things are yet to come!


I am looking forward to serve you later in 2017 with more enlightening Ayurvedic Consultations, yoga and Ayurveda workshops, retreats, and teacher trainings.


See you soon!






Meet your lead teacher and curriculum director




Soraya Daguillard




In 2004 Soraya founded and today directs SO YOGA Health and Wellness in Miami, Florida, where she teaches and consults on Yoga and Ayurveda. She believes in the constant ability to improve One’s Self in all aspects of life. 

Through Yoga and Ayurveda she has helped transform the lives of many from prevention to rehabilitation at the physical and emotional levels. Soraya has been invited to speak at conferences locally and internationally, on radio and television to shed light on these transformational practices.

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